Metal And Electronics Solutions  
Metatron Solutions
Tusket, Nova Scotia We have over 30 years experience in industrial design and technology.
B0W 3M0
Email: All machines are custom built and take from 4 to 10 weeks to build
List of Machines Services
Thermal Spray Equipment
Spray Booth Milling
Turn Table Turning
Exhaust Plenum Welding Steel, Aluminum, Stainless
Traverse CNC Plasma Cutting
Robotic Cell Shearing
Reel Pay-off / Take-up Bending
Dust Collector CADD Design
Spray Lathe Electrical Panel Building
Pipe Rolling Consulting Service
Temperature Control
Acoustical Room
 Spray Carousel
Other Machines
Box Sealer
Robotic Welding
Hydraulic Robot
Pallet Turntable